Skill Additions of DW2 gold


  • Dual Sun Strike: “Deals 10…60 damage. Deals +10 damage to Sand creatures and recharges 33% faster if you are under effects of blue milk.”
  • Way of the I: “For each dead foe, you gain 10 seconds of +12…42 damage, but everyone makes fun of your build.”


  • Bludgeon: “You strike for +50 damage. If target foe is knocked down, you strike for an additional +50 damage and target foe suffers a Deep Wound for 10 seconds.”
  • Club Strike: “You strike for +25 damage. If target foe is suffering from one or more condition, you strike for an additional +25 damage and your target is knocked down.”
  • Fragmentation Grenade: “Target and adjacent foes take 150 Piercing damage and begin bleeding for 15 seconds. Nearby foes are struck for 100 damage and begin bleeding for 10 seconds. All other foes in the area are struck for 50 damage and begin bleeding for 5 seconds.”
  • Land Mine: “When Land Mine is triggered, all nearby foes are struck for 500 damage and knocked down for 4 seconds. While activating this skill, you are easily interrupted.”
  • Riot Shield: “For 10 seconds, you have a 100% chance to block attacks, and spells targeting you fail. Riot Shield ends if you move.”
  • Stun Grenade: “Deals 50 Blunt damage to target and adjacent foes. Target and nearby foes are Dazed for 5 seconds. Target and foes in the area are Blinded for 10 seconds.”
  • “Tango Down!”: “You lose all hexes and conditions. For each dead foe in the area, you gain 5 seconds of +6 Health regeneration, 5 seconds of +25% attack speed, and 5 seconds of +1 Energy regeneration.”
  • Tear Gas: “Your Tear Gas explodes at target foe’s location, striking adjacent foes for 50 fire damage and creating a Smoke Screen for 10 seconds. Foes inside the Smoke Screen suffer from Poison for 10 seconds and have their spells interrupted.”


  • Scythe attack speed increased by 50%.
  • Avatar of Kormir: “Elite Form. Your are permanently Blinded. Any time one of your allies finishes a quest, you get credit for completing it instead. Whenever a Dervish enchantment ends on you, you steal all enchantments, shouts, and weapon spells from all party members.”


  • Mind Craft: “For the next 4…15 seconds, your attacks deal Earth damage. Deals +40 bonus damage and knocks down if you have a pickaxe equipped.”
  • Thunder Cat: “For the next 5…19 seconds, your attacks deal Lightning damage. Deals +35 bonus damage against mummies.”


  • Apathy: “For the next 10 seconds, target foe moves 80% slower, attacks 90% slower, and spams /bored.”
  • Mind Over Matter: “The next damage you would receive is negated if you successfully make a Will save.”
  • Power Slide: “If target foe is using a stance, that stance ends, all other stances are disabled for 5 seconds, and your rotation speed is +25% for 30 seconds.”