Shatterstone and Water rident

Even though this skill has good overall damage and a modest recharge, it generally stacks up poorly against other Elementalist elites that deal damage. By reducing the cost and adding a new AoE component to the end of the skill, we feel it is more justified as an elite skill

reduced cost to 10 Energy; changed functionality to: “Target foe is struck for 25…100 cold damage and is hexed with Shatterstone for 3 seconds. When Shatterstone ends, that foe and all nearby foes are struck for 25…100 cold damage.”

While the knockdown on this skill is useful and powerful, we felt a buff was justified given the skill’s long casting cost and 3-second delay before activation. With the addition of Cracked Armor and a reduction in cost and casting time, we feel that this skill can now fit into a larger variety of builds.

changed functionality to: “Send out a fast-moving Water Trident, striking target foe and up to 2 adjacent foes for 10…90 cold damage if it hits. If it hits a moving foe, that foe is knocked down.”

Water Trident’s conditional effect and damage were a little too weak to use in most PvE situations, so we’ve given it an AoE component similar to Lava Arrows as well as a small damage buff.