Save the Chabot Village in Guild Wars 2

“The oracles are good at researching spear except singing. Believe yourself, and the attack power of oracle is also great, a spear is not weaker than the bow or axe, so you could get much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold with it.” Coil said proudly, it seemed that she was very confident, but I thought that she had the power to be proud.

“Look at there, there is a pirate alone, throw out your spear, and feel its power!” Sparta did it as Coil’s words, and then the pirate was killed suddenly! He even had no time to say a word.

“Oh my god, it is so powerful! I like it!” Sparta felt that he had a good profession.

“This is Knox, and he is the hero in Spear of Sun, when I am not here, he will run a risk with you, and he even could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you.” Coil pointed to a strong man and said.

The skin of Knox was very black, he looked like the people of Iona, and he was heavily built and muscular, there was a scar on his face, it was very long, and I thought he looked like a pirate.

“Glad to see you, my friend.” Knox said to Sparta.

Though Knox smiled, but Sparta still felt that he was a little murderous, and he was even a little afraid of him.

“A hero is your private mercenary, and when you want him to join into the team, and then he will join you, you could also control his movement and skills including his Guild Wars 2 gold.” Coil explained in detail.

“Is that true? It is great!” Sparta said excitedly, before he began to play this game, he heard that there was powerful hero system, and a person could control an army.

“Well, let’s set out, now the Chabot Village is surrounded by the pirates, and we must go to save the villagers quickly.” Coil said, and then she left, of course, Sparta followed her.

They got to a village which was burned by the heavy fire, there were many pirates outside of the village, and only a few guards were protecting the village, they even did not have much Guild Wars 2 gold, and they could not persist any more.

“Who is willing to destroy the ship of the pirates?” The village master said to them.

“Let me do it!” Sparta did not think about it for a while, and then he answered quickly, because he killed a pirate so easily just now, so now he was very confident, but maybe he was blind.