Q: I can build PvP characters and PvE in general role?
A: no, but a character can participate in any form of game types. The structural PvP (arena PvP), you can use the role of all the current role career and racial skills, and all can use equipment. And in the world PvP, the role of the current use of equipment.

Q: the highest level role?
A: yes, the highest rating for the level of 80.
Q: is there any way I can talk to my level of difference friends to play together?
A: sidekick system will make your armor and abilities are big or small, so you can tell your friends to play together.
Q: as levels increase, my role will be infinite powerful?
Answer: no. The time required for each a level of no more than 90 minutes. Every litres of level 1 spends time is similar also.

Q: in the guild wars 2 I can choose what RACES?
A: the human, o saurer (asura), the shire (charr), the promise well (norn) and hill’s stradivari (sylvari). The new race in the game after the formal operation may add.
Q: what difference between the RACES?
A: besides the role the different shape, specific gap has not yet known. Each of the RACES has some unique racial skills, but these racial skill than professional skill sent a lot. ArenaNet hope race is just a options, and won’t have a significant impact on the game.

Q: guild wars 2 will have what class?
A: optional professional will be released. Element make (Elementalist), soldiers (Warrior), rangers (Ranger), the Necromancer (Necromancer), the Guardian (Guardian) and rogue (Thief) is now officially released. In addition, an enchanter (Mesmer) in the undead, o caron Ghosts of Ascalon “mentioned, but whether there is unknown. In consideration of the guild wars 1 career area, but also may have to add a new career.
Ask: have the treatment career?
A: guild wars 2 will not exist exclusive professional treatment. Every profession has special a skill bar for self treatment. Some can heal Allies skills, but will self treatment skills than have a far worse. In addition, not a skill can with Allies as the goal, these can heal Allies skills in fact is the aim of the ground range skills, or with the enemy for the target skills that came with the effect. This set of purpose is to assist type players aware battlefield, not stare at Allies article blood.
Q: so the guardian? The professional look like wearing a healers on.
A: the guardian have some treatment ability, but the guardian’s focus on defense magic with ward to stop the enemy, not a skill is with the aim of can ally.
Q: how many kinds of professional guild wars 2?
Answer: in the guild wars 2 started operations, there will be eight career.
Q: is there a deputy system? (here’s deputy, but is deputy non-productive existing other professional)
A: at the beginning of the deputy is some, but because of the different characteristics of each class and racial factors, deputy has been cancelled.
Q: professional have racial limit? A race with a career will not some advantage?
A: each class all race can choose. Each of the RACES for the professional all are equal. In addition to allow players to do some racial skills of their profession can’t do something, and just a brocade effect, compared with professional ability difference are too much.
Q: in creating the role, I can change career?
A: no.