Rewards of Festival


Here are some of the special items you might come across during the Canthan New Year Festival:

Sugary Blue Drink
It’s sweet and oh-so-handy when you need a quick boost of speed.

Champagne Popper
A brief-but-spectacular treat for the eyes and ears. They’re a blast!

Bottle Rocket
Set off a single-shot firework high overhead—please aim away from faces and moa birds.

Light this up to create a cloud of sparks over your head—stand clear of flammable objects.

Red Bean Cake
These sweet treats put some pep in your step.

Bottle of Rice Wine
The traditional festival beverage. Don’t drink and quest!

Red Gift Bag
It’s festive, it’s red, and you’ll never know what’s in it until you open it.

Lunar Fortune
Find out for sure how good or bad your luck will be in the coming year.

Lunar Token
Collect these tokens throughout the festival and trade them in for prizes.