Reviewed by media —need to improve the family week voice

This is the only last week and family since the information openness, players to discuss one of the hottest topics. People insisted that the family is the elves and anwar gens, or its descendents, but ArenaNet but denied all the way in.


I watched to see, both parties to the heart of the debate is how to divide the definition “Elf” (Elf). Tolkien (here refers to the rings trilogy, “the author of) in his works on the exterior of the elves and actions do description has been widely recognized by the general definition for elves, so when people meet those with mystical background, and the natural environment of the trees and flowers of the race for home, simply that they think is elves will house.


But in my personal view, and was not too like elf families, although them a plant type creatures. Or say so, in my opinion, no matter the race of beauty, ability or the knowledge, are very amazing, for its definition of really what’s the meaning? He was the guild wars 2 “in is one of the five new race, and according to the designer Rachel · sotheby’s stable Ree Soesbee) introduction, and anwar is neither elves, also not druid, they just and anwar. The race for the accuracy of history will not increase both definition is not diminished I to its fondness degree, so no matter what it is either


The new race public image

To tell the truth, the first sight and the exterior of race was, I felt very satisfied. As the painter Christine Perry (Kristen Perry) says, the past similar definition of race are just some of the human appearance in the decorated the plants annex image, not a true plants kind of race. But he was race itself is by pale trees have come out of, so as to avoid the tree essence or design says forest monsters, and to make them and humanity has a significant difference between the, apparently, is not easy. Finally, perry decision by the structure of the body and anwar, put away the human

Skeleton, create a plant grown by the human. Direct from leaves, vines and other plant form their various body parts, and the design also makes people he was looked like a tree branch.


In addition, and only the exterior of each character family can follow the four seasons change of season and convert accordingly, such as in the summer, they will have a long thick leaves skin lush, but in winter is turning brown leaves and dry bark and the root. But my point of view, those who appear in the summer when bright green leaves and large flower flower plants are too too bright-coloured, make a person he was too cartoon image of. But ArenaNet for each season was the exterior of the family and provide the more adjustable options, such as the colour of the skin can be adjusted, and this for a single race offers a variety of appearance design of choice in the heart to let me move to experience a this race.
The main story and background

I always like the guild wars 2 “in the BBS carefully read those players analysis of all the details, and the relevant terry and areas of the life of source and regional form story. So when I read through the family was about and all kinds of information and material, the first feel for this race is ArenaNet wove a complex and fascinating story, and the story is that in 2005 the Centaur based public family began, after a series of development and expansion after, become today have deep origin of the family and anwar.

The worst game soundtracks

ArenaNet studio claim to have many the industry the most talented designers, and they each time revealed new content is always bring us surprise. But I have to say is, the game is really needs to be enhanced voice, I’m sure has more than once in the different personalities heard the voice of the same voice actors, and this time was also the only voice family week only one of let me feel disappointed place. I sincerely hope that the voice is just a simple demonstration, the formal content in the game, on these well ArenaNet improved.