Resurrecting Polly in the Guild Wars 2

Though the four dogs bit us, but we did not hurt, they even had no cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, I thought the warrior did not want the dogs to kill us, they only wanted us to kill the dogs, and then they could use the skill of I Want Revenge, of course, we did not kill the dogs.
The ice empress got the enchantments ready early, when the warriors were closed to us, she opened the chaining enchantment, and then it reduced the speed of the warriors, even if they wanted to run away, they could not move.
We found a goal which had less blood, and then we attacked him together.
Santana made a fire ball in the sky, and then she threw it out quickly.
The warrior did not have more energy than Santana, so the skill of Santana would make the warrior get nearly 200 point of damage, even if he did not die, he would be painful, of course, he could not buy Guild Wars 2 gold by himself.
A warrior fell to the ground, but the other three persons did not use the skill of I Want Revenge, were they waiting for more dead bodies? After another warrior fell to the ground, they also did not use it.
After a while, there were only one warrior and four dogs, but we did not need to be afraid of the four dogs, because they were not powerful, they even had no Guild Wars 2 gold.
“I will revenge for you, my brothers!” The last warrior shouted despairingly, the three dead bodies could give him a fast attack speed, and he also got 18 point of blood, so he was also powerful.
The warrior seemed to be crazy, and he chose Polly to be his goal, he hit Polly heavily, and he used all of his skills, Polly died at last.
This diversification made us to be rattling, and we stopped the attack movements, we were busy resurrecting Polly with Guild Wars 2 gold. But the warrior took the skill of resurrection this time, we saved Polly, and another warrior woke up.
“I will revenge!” The second warrior shouted, and we were a little nervous, I felt that the situation was bad now. Though the Battle Howl was also a beneficial stance as buff skill, but the buff skill could be removed, but the Battle Howl could not be removed. What should we do? We could not let the other two warriors be resurrected. If they were stood up, we would be in danger.