Quests and Adventure

Once again on this front, Guild Wars 2 triumphs, though I’m dubious how much this matters.  The dynamic event questing system is brilliant…the first time you encounter an event.  As I found myself after staying in the same area too long, doing the same event 3 or even 4 times causes the veneer of this shifting world to crack.  Events moving back and forth do make the world feel vibrant but also cause your actions to appear futile.  Whilst I’d never claim TERA does anything but recycle the tired MMO norm of “kill X rats” or escort quests, neither does Guild Wars 2 once you take away the manner in which they’re delivered to you.  So what it all really came down to for me was…


Pretty much 80% if not more of my time in both games thus far has been spent in combat.  Whether I’m doing quests or just exploring, mobs are constantly trying to kill me.  As a result, it doesn’t matter to me what I have to do or what my objective is but rather how I go about doing this.  On this front Guild Wars 2felt similar to every MMO I’ve played in the last decade at the basic gameplay level.  It’s more refined in many aspects but it’s not revolutionary by any means.  That’s not to say TERA is, but I certainly find its combat to be less overused and a welcome change.

Both games shift towards action combat through things like dodging, though TERA places far more emphasis on this.  My problem was, coming to my Charr after 5 days on my Castanic, I felt like I was moving in molasses.  Everything seemed slower, and I wasn’t plagued by framerate issues like many others.  Dodging seemed to be a token gesture in Guild Wars 2; monsters swiftly caught up with me when I ran out of stamina after 3 jumps.  Because of this, the difficulty of monsters seemed punishing; if I mess up a dodge in TERA and lose a chunk of life, it’s my own fault, but even doing things perfectly in Guild Wars 2 can swiftly see my health pool depleted.

Luke’s Conclusion

Ultimately for me the combat in TERA wins hands down, but that could be because it’s fresher and I haven’t seen all Guild Wars 2 has to offer on that front.  What the latter does do brilliantly is create a vibrant world with a superior storyline and a new way of delivering quests.  This last weekend has made me keener than ever to get back in Tyria and see whether these early feelings will change but as it stands right now, with a chunk of time spent in combat… the edge goes to TERA for me