PVP portal guide of Guild War2

When a player with a role in PvP, they is granted all the necessary skills, the right to use the equipment. Roles will be set as the highest level, and put every man in even is the field of play. This makes the player’s skills in a particular role than the time is more important. When you put your role PvE back to environment, you will return you get in the skills and armor, but the game will save your recent PvP set. You can also save we build a template. In this way, you can try new things in PvP, but also can easily get back to your favorite construction.

Each class will bring into the PvP when a beginner template, make new players don’t need further exploration skill selection, equipment choice or other details can have a qualified construction. However, for more adapt to the system of the players, the more of the detail of the customization options is also can use.

I think we should look at last to PvP fell mode (downed mode). PvP fell slightly different mode-or say, PvP and a player interaction in the ground is different. You can only through the attack of the players to kill them down, when you are in a fall on the ground of the enemy is near you can see a hint: “the results they!” At this time striking the F will appear a result animation, directly will your opponent to beat state.

From the guild wars 2 “all aspects of it, we want to create the highest quality PvP rationality. Our aim is to make the new players through the us “the join” PvP server to try and ensure that most elite players will be able to find PvP challenge. We are committed to this is both individual and sharing type of game, because it allows us to be able to reach in leisure PvP players and PvP between stalwarts a relatively simple converter goal. This occupation game types let us perfected a point is the characteristic of play, this player can appear in the tactics found depth, also let us all the players to play a game based on the base. The end of the day to say is, “the guild wars 2″ is a social multiplayer online game, the official PvP also is just one of the parts.

Never stop “the join” server, instant un-ban and a common game types of creations are with to build a community that allows players to find faster they want to play together with the ultimate goals on. We hope that you don’t have to prepare, direct have it and enjoy their bring joy.