Professional skill reveal the first five skill bar may be changed

Eric first to game the system are introduced, he said, we design the game of first consideration is in the smooth feeling and the players in the game world of interactions with the sense of joy. For players to have a kind of want to how to play just how to play the sense of freedom, of course, is not in the game to do. We will put these freedom in the fight in the merged into the game, can design similar to the one achievement system function to encourage and reward those who participate in the activities of players in the game.

In order to explain more vivid point, I come for example, one day I see my two colleagues Jon and Isaiah experience this game. They encounter a monster, Jon handheld shield against the monster of attack and attract the attention, Isaiah around to the use of magic monster behind, will blame high thrown into the air passing 18-wheeler Jon released another skill in the air for damage caused to the monster and kill it. And the whole process is very cool is very natural, so that the font is not simply use to describe the feeling.

“The guild wars 2″ game interface button column of the button several is limited. More like a hardbound collection of card interface, players can according to career, properties, and talent to create a more suitable for different at his skills to key combination. So the design, the hope is in the use of simple more skills, more clear the interface, not a see interface is the feeling of large head. At the same time in the battle players can according to the remote or melee and weapons for fast switching.