PoE: Atziri’s Reflection As Worth 3 Mirrors In Bestiary

In Path of Exile, when GGG showed Atziri’s Mirror upgrade everyone was pretty excited and most were d’accord for it to be rare and expensive. But no one expected it to be the number one most expensive item in the game besides some standard 6 t1 mirrored legacy stuff.

Personally I think the rate of the Prophecy is beyond ridiculous if after 1 month of the league there are 4 prophecies available in total across every permanent / temp league and 1 shield. The shield therefore goes for ~300ex which is ~3 mirrors which seems apropriate if you consider this.

Path of Exile

One reason for its rarity might be that a large percentage of the player base just ignore prophecies though. I know I don’t do prophecies, as I think it’s by a large margin the worst part of PoE. I can’t even describe how shitty it feels going through old zones to proc prophecies.

Considering the prophecy itself requires you to kill Uber Atziri with the Mirror equipped, it may be gated behind behind a few other requirements that aren’t obvious. Not saying for sure, just a possibility. How much of the population has killed Uber Atziri even once? How much of that group also does prophecies every league?

Either way, I agree. It’s a huge letdown to see this really cool shield which only really has a use in a handful of builds be so rediculously rare. It’s one thing to make a new chase unique, but the power of the shield doesn’t warrant the rarity. Especially when you realize it has to contend with shaper stat sticks for that offhand spot, or lycosidae.

I feel like adjusting the rarity so it ends up being about 2x as rare as say, Voidforge or Atziri’s Disfavour, even a little more rare, is reasonable. What it’s at now, is absurd. It may as well not exist. Which seems a shame for the time they clearly must have spent designing, creating, testing, doing 3D art assets, etc.

It seems even worse considering their design, that they stated multiple times, is that rares should be better than uniques. The rares are better than uniques. The curse immunity is easy for most builds to get elsewhere with a flask that generates charges on crit with curse immunity.

So aside from freeing up one suffix, what warrants the 3 mirror price tag? You sacrifice a significant amount of block or spell block for some ES and 15-20% curse effect? How is that reasonable for the rarity?