Player vs Player Overview

Guild wars in the leisure (pick up) and competitive PvP have has the rich traditional, performance for different levels and diverse organization form design. There are many places where you can for players a solution PvP itch: from the hero of the road (Heroes’ s Ascent) and random Arena (Ramdom Arena) to ally war (Alliance Battles), and the battle was (GvG). I know that we need to spend some time to find it, but undoubtedly, the heritage will continue to remain with the best people in order to build an online experience as the goal of PvP “guild wars 2″ in.

For the guild wars 2 “, we want to design more clear and PvP simple. The leisure play we have created a separate place, all the casual players can play in. This is a server list, inside the “the join” (hot join) can play with to with. We have created a single center area, in order to automatic championship (automatic tournaments) given in the form of competitive play. The two games way–and the sport in play, leisure, there are many similarities, make the player can in an informal and more organized to play easily between conversion. This is important, because the leisure and tournament play all is independent of “the world” (world) choice. In other words, all of the guild wars 2 “PvP players are playing the same game and no PvP respectively.

Let us closer look at two PvP form.