Pet Menagerie: Living Sandling

Last week, after I finished clearing Heroic Throne of Thunder by myself, I decided to take a break and go search for treasure in the deserts of Tanaris. As I crested a dune that had a whale skeleton sitting on top, I felt the wind kick up more than it normally does. So much so that the hairs on the back of my neck (and my back, for that matter) all stood up! As a sandy whirlwind approached me, it began to take the form of a Sand Elemental. Apparently, one of them survived my onslaught and followed me out there to exact revenge. I won! Haha!

Wouldn’t you know it? It left a Sand Trap behind after it died, which swallowed up one of my boots. Well, how am I supposed to kick your butt without it?! So, when you’re done with your 500 flutter-kicks and 3-minute-mile run, you get to go back to the Throne of Thunder and show these dusty fools that messin’ with your beloved Major Payne is unacceptable! Aren’t I just the most thoughtful?

If you’re lucky enough, perhaps one of them will leave behind their spawn: a Living Sandling. Scoots McCrithto has the details.

Crithto: The very embodiment of . . . well, clumped-up sand that is alive, really . . . the Living Sandling is a true utility pet providing you with some interesting strategic options. With its high health, you can use it as a tank, taking advantage of Stoneskin and pummeling your opponent with Quicksand. For the craftier tamer who likes to mix it up, drop a Sandstorm and finish your pet’s round with Stone Rush. Coupled with other pets and their abilities, this tiny bundle of desert gravel with really big fists could be the difference between winning and losing. Oh, and my name ain’t Scoots!

Just so you know, word got back to me that some of you thought my hatred of snakes was laugh-worthy. I never said they frightened me! They’re just icky and slimy and they don’t have arms and legs. But do you know what’s not icky or slimy and does have arms? Sand Elementals! And now you get to go kill some. YOU CAN’T BURY YOUR HEAD IN THIS ONE!

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