MU Legend

MU Legend Is Invested With A Strong Server Configuration

From now on, the Dark Lord has really come back, spreading the terrible crimes and destroying the beautiful continent MU. The continent of MU is going through a harder time than ever before, cry, body and blood, some fields have been turned into battle fields and monsters. More details and latest guides and tricks, source from here. Brave warriors, powerful mages of the continent, have returned from lcarus, carrying Etramus’s…

eso battleground

The Five Classes In The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online continues to grow and receive new content such as Morrowind, the new big expansion of the Bethesda and Zenimax MMO RPG. As we know that many of you will take advantage of the launch of new content from The Elder Scrolls Online to begin your adventure in Tamriel, today we bring you a new class guide that will help you decide what type of character to…


A New Introduction Trailer In Honor Of The Release Of Albion Online

Already on July 17, the official release of MMORPG Albion Online will take place. People who have a set of “Legendary” will be able to start studying the world before others, PvP-battles, battles with all sorts of PvE-opponents, crafting equipment, erecting buildings and pumping characters. And so in honor of the soon release of the game, the developers decided to please us with a new intro video. The video says…

MU Legend

It Is A Simple Task To Create A Guild In MU Legend

Guilds are a symbol in the game-play of MU Legend, some guilds were created to unite friends, some were created to unite powers. It can be said that guilds play an important role in the game-play of MU Legend, it allows gamers to create their own little communities and help each others inside the game. How to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling at the lowest price….

ESO Plus Bonus

The Elder Scrolls Online – Try ESO Plus

Zenimax announced that anyone can enjoy the service of The Elder Scrolls Online from 5 July to 5 days. ESO Plus members receive all DLC and many other ingame content. Even though you have to pay for The Elder Scrolls Online once and for once there is no monthly fee, you can still subscribe to MMO at $ 15 / month. ESO Plus members receive a range of free stuff…

albion-online founder

Sales Of Founder Packs For Albion Online Will End At End Of The Week

Already on Sunday, July 9 in the hardcore MMORPG Albion Online will happen a wipe before the release, which is expected on the 17th. In this regard, the developers hastened to remind everyone who planned to buy Founder Packs, but did not dare to do it, that they would be withdrawn from sale. To be more precise, it will happen on the night of 9/10, at exactly 0:00. In addition,…

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV The New Expansion Stormblood Jobs Are Excellent

In Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida and his team checked each job in some cases, at the same time, they also made dramatic changes for the game, in an attempt to each job more streamlined and fun to play, as well as giving it a more defined role in line with classic interpretations of the job. It’s pleased to know that Red Mage and Samurai enter the game in way…

Runescape 3

Runescape 3 Has Grown In Popularity At A Frantic Pace

Why Runescape 3 is success in the whole overall? Undoubtedly, the secret behind RuneScape 3’s success is that it’s been continually updated throughout its lifetime, not just with regular infusions of new content but also with several major graphical and gameplay overhauls. Changes and improvements details for the game, view more here. Currently, the game was reincarnated as RuneScape 3, which is as far as it gets from the primitive…


News About Madden 18 Story Mode

After the release of the new Madden 18 trailer, a lot of Madden 18 fans said that the new model, although the official has not given the name of the new model, but the fans are called the story mode, because from the recent Madden 18 trailer, the game adds a lot of story, which will not make Madden NFL 18 more interesting?     EA has given the fans…

Mu Legend

Mu Legend Is Only Fitting The New Generation Of Games

In Mu Legend, there are lots of venues for you to slice and dice your way to glory. Mu Legend is a very pretty Action MMORPG, the setup of the UI for Mu Legend is very familiar. You will be forgiven if you think Mu Legend looks a lot like Tera, Devilian, and so forth. Even the upcoming Revelation Online, though made in China, shares a similar style. Mu Legend,…