Other Changes


Second Wind is a skill that has a unique interaction with the Exhaustion mechanic. While it doesn’t see a lot of use it can be fairly powerful under the right conditions. We’ve lowered the casting time and Exhaustion caused by this skill in order to improve its use. Additionally, it now heals the caster to provide some bar compression. Testing revealed that these changes could potentially bring back certain undesirable smite builds to PvP, so we’ve added a clause that removes all enchantments to prevent this from happening. Because the skill provides both Health and Energy now, we don’t feel this will negatively impact most builds.

Ride the Lightning is a dangerous and expensive skill for the low-armored Elementalist to use and has further problems due to the lack of strong PBAoE skills in Air Magic. This change adds in Blind to protect the Elementalist for a short time in this dangerous position and allows it to target allies as well as enemies for increased movement options. Because reducing the Exhaustion without any other changes would likely make this skill overpowered in PvP, we’ve split the skill and raised the recharge and Energy cost to compensate.

The fire damage aspect of these skills ran counter to the idea that elemental attribute lines can be mixed. By removing this restriction, we hope to encourage more mixing of attribute lines. In the case of Armor of Frost, we noticed that it was still numerically inferior to skills like Armor of Mist and Frigid Armor, so we lowered its recharge and added a small attribute bonus.