Only one city, field in the map for resources

The wild destroyer “although looked more like a check in combat game, but in the game, apart from outside of the map are copies of players use jointly map. Players in these maps can complete the task of survivors protection or with other players around the planet for all over resources.

At the same time, the field of strange and not map brush brush good in advance. But according to the number of players or brush the strength of the appropriate amount monster. And, in the game to interfere with other players there do task task, and large-scale battlefield, etc.

In addition, the wild destroyer “in only one city. In the game, the player can in this city of party a or war in the strange, into the copy.

Pursue a copy of the speed, simple structure

Pursue speed of the wild destroyer “copy of, not only simple structure, but also has the limit of time. And in a copy, in addition to the small strange strange BOSS outside all have no name or article blood. At the same time, the BOSS will not play fight too long. Although the BOSS has a 10-15 blame attack methods, but usually in the BOSS used up a series of attacks blame before the battle is over.

PVP and all kinds of task is the core content

In the wild destroyer “, the players can experience ultimate content that is PVP and continuous growth role. Existing in the game for more of the battlefield. As a mini game the way of the battlefield, the destroyer wild “battlefield has taken on many kinds of positions, capture the flag mode.

CuiJun PD that because of the way the game shooting game, therefore, mini game the way will be very suitable for the battlefield.

On the other hand, the game will every day for players with team to accomplish the mission of or in the field of battle, participate in specific map battlefield and customs clearance specific copy, let players easily play games. And the task of receiving, on the same day fails to complete the task of the disappear automatically, to reduce the burden of the players