New Synergies

With Ward Against Harm we are again trying something slightly different. We’ve given this skill a small party-healing aspect similar to how Water Magic skills function in Guild Wars 2. We hope this can provide another appealing source of party-healing utility on the Water Elementalist. Additionally, the bonus armor is now applied to all elements instead of just Fire Magic. We feel this is necessary to make it useful outside of areas like the Fire Islands. We’re concerned about this skill’s effects in PvP, so we’ve split it and may make further changes after seeing how it plays out.

We’re also making a few smaller changes to some skills that we hope will promote some new synergies and help make some previously nonviable builds possible.

reduced recharge to 10 seconds; changed elemental attribute scaling to 8…14; removed Energy regeneration; removed the following functionality: “This enchantment ends if you use a non-Elementalist skill.” Added the following functionality: “Your elemental spells return 30% of their Energy cost.”

changed functionality to: “All foes in the area take 15…60 earth damage and are Weakened for 1…10 seconds. Nearby foes also take +15…60 earth damage and have Cracked Armor for 1…10 seconds. Adjacent foes suffer the previous effects, take +15…60 earth damage, and are Blinded for 1…10 seconds.”