New Skills of Oracle in Guild Wars 2

After the main task was completed, Sparta was taken to a new place, its name was Colonel Field, and it should be the training place of the Spear of Sun. Coil was peaceful, she smiled and said to Sparta: “My child, you passed the junior contest, and now I will teach you some new skills, and then you can get much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold in future.”

Sparta looked at his skill bar, and then he found that there were eight grids, but six of them were empty. He only had a Signet of Resurrection and a skill of Lightning Spear.

The profession of the Lightning Spear was oracle, its attribute was attack of spear, when it hit the goal, it could give the goal 5 to 18 point of extra lightning damage, and it consumed five point of energy, the cooling time was 6.

The name of this skill did not mean that the spear had lightning attack, and it was that this spear had the function of protecting and penetrating as lightning spell.

But he would not use only a skill forever, other warriors and assassins had some skills and much Guild Wars 2 gold, so he should also add some skills.

Or else, when he came across some stronger enemies in future, he would not know what to do then, and he only knew being afraid, at that moment he even could not buy Guild Wars 2 gold.

“The oracles have high defensive as warrior, and there is 80 point in full level. We sacrifice the speed of recovering energy as the cost, and we are as the same as warrior, we only have two point of returning blue naturally, so we need the anger to increase our strength sometimes.” Coil said, and maybe her meaning was that an oracle was only a warrior who can throw out a javelin.

“The direct attack is effic