Mu Legend

MU Legend: Need Help When Starting To Play

When you embark in this journey, start the game need some help. In this game, a person said:” I really wanted to play the game for a while now but had no time and now that I finally do. As I am super budget tight these days, is the game pay to win or can a poor man like me still play it and have fun?” A poor man can definitely play and have fun. If your money is not enough and need MU Legend Zen in the game, you can join our activity and buy cheap MU Legend Zen on U4GM.

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The game has its fair share of problems, and certain aspects are pretty annoyingly p2w. But the game overall, if you’re not looking to be top PvP (which doesn’t even reward you with anything so the people complaining about p2w is not really complaining about much), then this game is great. As for classes, they’re all interesting, but some are obviously better than others. Gear wise, it might depend on the server, but for mine I find that Dark Lord stuff is generally the cheapest, followed by War Mage. But it’s really up to you as they all do different things and have very different skills. Eventually when you get to the point of doing your dailies and farming, you’ll be able to get items pretty easily. Find friends to play, join a guild, take your time to enjoy the story and the environment, and don’t try to rush through everything. You’ll burn out, as there really isn’t much content and even with what will be released from the Korean version, there isn’t much content either. But if you just do your dailies and hang out with your guild-mates, you’ll enjoy the game for a good while.


Also tell him that the game is designed so you die very often! When I say designed I don’t mean you will die cause lack of skill or noob play or lag or anything. NO! The game has some human-made bugs that get you killed before you finish for example last bosses. When your last hit KILLS the last boss, then the bosses does a last try and swings his big sword cutting your head with 500kkk damage, you are just dead, boss dead and you see the drops on the floor. What you do? You SELFRES with Heart stones. So the more you play the more times encounter those shts and the more hearts you need to buy in order to avoid going on Rampage and destroying your building cause you died 1 sec after boss died or from invinsible random damage that came from outter space.


You dont need anything except platinum one month worth for comfort play, and even that can be acquired through achievements. Blader is easiest, DL and Mage about 3-4 times as expensive to gear it and Wisp is like throwing money in a black hole. Do all rifts daily they provide you bottleneck currency, almost all sets items are trash and ancient/mythic just much better since it much easier to roll stats.

The p2w in this game wont prevent you from enjoying the games PvE content, it will however prevent you from having the highest combat score, but combat score is a very poor representation of actual power. It will also prevent you from being competitive at PvP.