[mood story] guild wars 2 FAQ

Roughly problem
Q: will have a month or guild wars 2 charged according to time?
A: guild wars 2 will use the buyout charge system, will not have a monthly subscription fee. To play with words just buy box (or game serial number).
Q: guild wars 2 will have game mall, can sell things outside serial number, for example role bar?
A: yes, the game mall will exist. This battle with a similar.
Q: will the game into ArenaNet with other people online role-playing games?
A: ArenaNet has been stated, they don’t want to let the game becomes a WOW clone version. The game does not exist in traditional “fighting animal husbandry” triangle, but use “damage”, “assistant” and “control” as a new the triangle.
Test and official operation
Q: what time guild wars 2 official operation?
A: the official no clear time revealed that, just say they are ready.
Q: what’s the open beta test?
Answer: open beta will shortly before the game in operation.
Q: when closed test?
A: at present only know is in the second half of 2011 will test.
Q: is there a try?
Answer: in 2010 August 19-22 cologne in Germany have first exhibition game version of the demo, followed in 2010 September 3-5, Seattle PAX, and 2010, oct. 27-31, Paris games festival also have the same demo.
In March 2011, 11-13 Boston PAX East has a second version of the demo.
Q: guild wars 2 will have independent chapters?
A: related data show that the possibility of the expansion than out independent chapters may be big.