Master of Magic and Shockwaves


Master of Magic is held back partly by the lack of good cross-elemental synergies and an attribute level that is generally ineffective at level 20. By scaling the attribute bonus, we hope to correct this latter problem. In an update further down the line, we plan to look at cross-elemental synergy skills. The “ends on non-Elementalist skill” clause was mainly to prevent Elementalist healers from taking advantage of the bonus Energy regen, so we’ve removed it and the Energy regen in favor of a universal attunement to make it easier to run multiple attributes. The recharge has also been reduced to make it less vulnerable to strips.

Due to the high-risk/low-reward ratio on this skill, Shockwave only has niche uses. These changes are intended to promote some synergy with other skills in Earth Magic.

reduced recharge to 7 seconds; changed functionality to: “Target touched foe and all foes in the area are struck for 7…112 fire damage and set on fire for 1…4 seconds. For each foe you hit, gain 2 Energy.”

After reworking Double Dragon, we felt that Star Burst could remain as a PBAoE skill; however, it had very little to distinguish it from other PBAoE skills like Inferno or Flame Burst. Because these types of builds tend to have Energy problems, we reversed the previous Energy loss into Energy gain. While we don’t think this will make PBAoE Elementalists very common, it will provide some better options for this type of playstyle.