Make A Wow Mule Character

Bank toon, bank alt, mule character, pack rat, whatever you call it, it holds your items and it keeps all your items in a safe and place and keeping your main character(s) nice and light with room to work around. Having a mule character can benefit a lot, but may take a little toll on your time and a bit of your money to send things around.

First off, having a mule character on your account would help your account guard some safe things if it is compromised; most hackers don’t realize some main characters aren’t holding all the valuable things and may think you’re just poor in general if you have all your stuff on your mule. Your mule character may just look like an alternate character you never finished! Keep in mind not many hackers take their time on accounts, they usually just get your stuff, throw some stuff around and leave. They don’t take the time to search all your characters for all your valuable things and just throw them all out, they go to the highest leveled character or the one that looks the one most worked on and go on it. Having a mule character can also help you with your bag space. Being the person not having enough space in bags to take that nexus shard that was dis-enchanted during a raid on Karazhan because your bags were too full because your bank was full also! You don’t want to be full in your bags either way, and you may not want to spend lots of money trying to upgrade your bags to top notch bags so making a mule might be a great idea for you.

To make a mule is a simple process, go to your main account and create a character. Choose a name with in mind that to save your mule from being targeted first from hackers, choose a name that doesn’t include something about it being a mule or a bank alternate character. Then, it doesn’t matter if you’d like to level it up at all, you can just rush off from your starting grounds to the nearest capital city. Once you reach the capital city nearest you, park your mule at the mailbox for easy access to things you send to your mule from your main character.

To send things to a mule is an even easier process, you take the item(s) you want to send to your mule and put it in the mailbox and send it off to your mule. Before you send your mail, check the name you’re sending it to; you don’t want to send the hard earned item to jonn instead of john! Now, it is time to wait, relax and sit for a bit. For a mail to be sent to another character, it takes an hour for it to reach the mule character; this system is to prevent from gold buyers getting gold, items and such from the mailbox. Once an hour has passed, put away your sunglasses, your smoothie, and your bathing suit and go onto your mule; your item should be there right in the mailbox if sent to the correct person. If not, wait a couple more minutes and see if it’s there, then check your main’s “sent” tab in the mailbox and see if you sent it to the correct person. If not, you’re a bit out of luck, but everything takes a time to check if you want to do it correctly.

Having a bank alternate, a mule, or a bank toon could really boost your time getting items and not having to wait in sadness while the items are passed out while you are sitting with full bags and bank. Get a mule and your days will be much happier. Happy muling!