Madden 18 Is Now Available For Xbox One/ Playstation 4/ PC And Mobile Devices

The end of August and the beginning of September usually marks the season of video game gaming. The first major title has already taken its toll, EA Games has just introduced Madden NFL 18, the title is now available for XBox One, Playstation 4, PC and mobile for Android and iOS devices. The 2018 version of the game receives the acclaimed Frostbite engine – inaugurated in FIFA 17, the new story mode, Longshot and many other new features.

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For the first time in the history of the game will be available a campaign mode, the Longshot. According to the producer, the players will have an emotional, immersive and cinematic gameplay experience in which they can determine the fate of Devin Wade, a forgotten NFL contender, on his Draft Tour, on and off the pitch, as well as the style presented In A Jornada, in FIFA 2017. As in the football game, the new NFL 18 mode features dialogues with choices, high school and seven-to-seven player matches, not to mention the new gameplay mechanics.

According to EA Games, Frostbite delivers the most realistic graphics in franchise history. The producer claims that the quality of the details – city views, stadium exteriors, the players themselves, the lighting and athletes’ entrances – are so great that the gaming experience will be as if watching a real NFL broadcast at Each match played.

Other modes of play are MUT Squads, where you can create a team with legends and stars of the sport, choose the functions and join with two other players to win the gridiron and Play Now Live, where you can play the best games Of the NFL real world each week. The Madden NFL 18 also features three new gameplay styles: Arcade, Simulation and Competitive. Styles allow players to decide which gameplay experience they want to have and customize the game as they see fit.

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