Little Ladies Festival Brings Glow Sticks To Final Fantasy XIV

Even though temperatures are low outside, the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is already preparing for spring with this year’s seasonal event “Little Ladies Festival”.

The event “Little Ladies’ Festival” starts on 1.3. in Final Fantasy XIV. It ends two weeks later on 14.03.

The event is based on the traditional Japanese festival “Hina-Matsuri”, which is also called “The Little Ladies’ Festival” and is celebrated every year on the 3rd of March.


Show your colors!

The idol band “Songbirds” will perform again in Ul’dah with a new concert in honor of the Little Ladies’ Festival. The three girls also have something special this time.

They want to encourage the players to join in their concert by swinging these special colored light sticks. Accordingly, new special emotes will be available in the game for this purpose, which will be rewarded at the conclusion of the event. In all emotes glow sticks play an important role.

In addition, there is a new piece of furniture and a music roll for the Orchestrion.

Why do light sticks belong to the J-pop culture?

The concert culture in Japan differs from that in the US and Europe. In Japan, light sticks are part of the audience of every J-pop concert.

To show their support for the band, the Japanese fans use special light sticks that resonate with the music. This is an integral part of the Japanese live performances. It is called “Wotagei” or just “Wota” and can look something like this:

The bands and idols all have their own “signature color” assigned to them. So if you prefer a particular singer, then you choose a glow stick with the corresponding color.

A dark concert hall is considered a bad sign and is referred to as the “Black Ocean”.

With this year’s Little Ladies’ Party, Square Enix brings this colorful part of Japanese culture to a fun event after Final Fantasy XIV.┬áMake sure to gather enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil to enjoy yourself in the new content. If you are in lack of gil, you can buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil on FFXIV4GIL. Besides, you should read more to learn some useful tips on FFXIV.