ith Guild Wars 2 almost literally

ith Guild Wars 2 almost literally just around the corner, people are planning their first steps in the world. In today’s latest column, we take a look at all of the races and why each one might be the one for you. Check it out!

Tick tock, tick tock. You hear that? That’s the clock ticking down the days till the release of ArenaNet’s ambitious MMO Guild Wars 2. Just think, it was years ago that we read about the game’s development, and over the years info slowly poured over us. It feels like yesterday in fact. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Anyway, with the release coming up, some players will have to decide what race they should play. Well, since I have had a chance to play each of the races, I thought I would be able to help. Here are my general impressions on the races of Guild Wars 2.

Now that the Halloween festivities have wrapped up in Guild Wars 2, we have our post mortem on the event based on our own experiences. See what we thought of the first major holiday event in the game’s history and then leave us your ideas in the comments.
Deadly pranks and corny jokes.  This is what you’ll experience when you spend a day with the Mad King Thorn.  In fact, if it weren’t for his size and the flames that surround his head, the Mad King wouldn’t seem to be a very terrifying being.  Halloween is a big event for many of us, and in the world of Guild Wars 2, it’s no different.   I just wish ArenaNet would give me real candy while playing the game.

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