Introduction game Duild War 2

1 some of the guild wars happens in the story of the guild wars 2 in PVE will have an account, is still the plot PVE! “The guild wars 2″ will help strengthen the players for game “companion NPC system”. Although guild wars mainly is a team game, but the players to play, also can be prepared companion, and accomplish the task with NPC system. “The guild wars 2″ in this system will become more easily. NCsoft synchronous public including human fantasy castle, race Charr world landscape picture, and indicates that the guild wars 2 “is set for a generation of 250 years in the game world; “The guild wars 2″ the main changes will shift the focus is put into a continuous world, the scale of the fighting, will have specific elements of the story of the design of the game copy, and will join players are jumping ability, players can even in the new underwater world water the adventure of fun experience.