How to make gold in Guild Wars 2

The Black Lions Profit Gold Guide was written to offer a free gold making resource for the Guild Wars 2 community. The guide will equip you with all the necessary skills, tools and knowledge required to successfully compete and dominate the competitive trading post battlefield.
We won’t lie, making gold in Guild Wars 2 is actually pretty easy. Especially when you have access to such a great guide with tried and tested tips, a brilliant list of Trading Post tools and regular gold making articles on our Black Lions Profit blog.
We personally recommend our friends at and Gold Wars 2 for all your profit tracking, graph stalking and item watching activities! They really do offer some fantastic tools to maximise your gold making venture in Guild Wars 2 so we really can’t recommend them enough.
It is important to note that the gold guide is in a perpetual work in progress, we are continuously updating & improving the tips & strategies with new information as patches and gold making techniques are released or discovered. We hope you stick around and follow us on our Guild Wars 2 blog!