How to FIFA 20 Force Quits

Now, this isn’t something that U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Team condone, so to speak, but we have done this in the past to close games out. Usually in 4 scenarios:

1. If the opponent has been trying to wind you up by ‘shushing’ you in their celebrations or running around the screen rather than getting on with the game;

2. Time wasting/parking the bus as soon as they have gone in front;

3. We’re playing a super team and stamina of our player is low;

4. We need a win to reach the next level of Elite 1 rewards, for example.

As we mentioned, it’s not something we like to do but needs must sometimes. Time, for us, is very pushed and limited on weekends so for us, forcing rage quits allows us to get more games in and therefore, hit the better rewards. Pause the game, if you have pauses remaining then use them and tinker with your tactics and player instructions. Even if you just pause the game to compose yourself, this will lead to your opponent becoming frustrated by having to wait therefore increasing your chances to create another opportunity to force a rage quit by scoring another goal, for example. Gameplay styleThe most frustrating thing, which we’re sure you can relate to, is not being able to get the ball back when you’re chasing the game and you need a goal. It’s pretty simple really if you don’t have the ball, you can’t score. Changing to a possession-based play style will frustrate you opponent, lead to them flying into tackles, pulling their players out of position and tiring them out. This will likely lead to a good goal scoring chance for yourself, possibly a red card and/or a rage quit if they just can’t get the ball from you. This can be done as early as you like, we usually have a rule where if we got two goals in front then we change to the possession style and begin to really take extra care of the ball.

TOP TIP – Change to a possession style either by using the direction pad quick tactics OR pause the game, if you have any left and change the custom tactics to a short passing style.
This will mean your players will look to create lots of short passing options for you and you can play that quick passing style that’s so annoying to play against.

Cut scenes
We only really use this method if the opposition has done it to us. For example, watching their goal even if it was a lucky bobble or a tap in goal. Watching cut scenes is something that used to really frustrate us but now, not so much. We do, however, know that other people will hate this and this will really affect their mood.

EA like to showcase these cut scenes, for some bizarre reason and some are extremely tedious, especially towards the latter part of the game. If you watch these, where you see players reacting to a save or a close attempt etc, it’ll only annoy your opponent and may result in them quitting the game, particularly if they are 2 or more goals behind.

This tip can definitely lead to an early finish to a game for you. Set-pieces are a way to run down the clock towards the end of the game. Because of a flaw in the game, EA has left far too long before a kick can be automatically taken, meaning you get over 10 seconds of actual time to wind the clock down. You can take your time with throw-ins, corners, goal kicks and free kicks from anywhere on the field.

TOP TIP – We definitely use this sparingly and it’s almost certain to earn you some abuse in a message from your opponent and we rarely use it, only against people who have tried doing similar to this from an early stage in the game.
You can wait for a while, whilst the clock ticks down and then change the throw-in or set-piece taker which will then result in you being able to take even more time off the clock. This CAN be done a few times but it depends how much you want to push your luck!

Celebrations don’t really bother us too much, just serves as motivation to get back in the game or not concede again. However, watching people on YouTube and Twitch and conducting research on Twitter, the celebrations always seem to be one of the things that trigger people into a rage more than most other things.
There are certain ones which will frustrate your opponents like the shush or the hand to the ear. Others like the dab or them stupid long dance routines will also annoy people so feel free to learn those and use them to try and force people to quit.

TOP TIP – Use the celebrations, particularly towards the latter stages that take a long time to watch, like the ones to the camera or to the side of the pitch to teammates or celebrating with the crowd to take more time off the clock.
As we have said, use these ‘tips’ as little as you can. We only revert to these methods of trying to force quits, if the opponent is obviously trying to wind us up on the other side of the game.