Has ‘Guild Wars 2′ Become Too Complicated? | Forbes

There seems to be a contradiction. They justify the number of currencies as a way to get people playing in areas they otherwise wouldn’t, and then finish up by saying that you can still play as you want, ignoring the parts of the game you aren’t interested in. Sure, you can ignore the areas of the game you don’t like, but you also have to ignore the fact that ANet is continually designing the game to try and nudge you toward those areas.

I totally get the idea of introducing people to areas of the game they might dismiss outright, but might like if they would just try. The dailies and monthlies can be a good way to do this, giving you the same currency in vastly different parts of the game for just sampling those areas.

Adding a currency that can only be obtainable in one area, and rewards that can only be obtained with that currency, however, is doing more than encouraging you to try it and see if you like it. It’s encouraging you to invest a significant amount of time in an area you may have decided you don’t like.

Having said that, “Has Guild Wars 2 Become too Complicated” is kinda ridiculous. If you take several months off from a game, you should expect to have to learn about the changes that happened in that time. They’re not that large nor complex. Especially for someone who had figured out the game after the “first few hours”.

As for locking currencies until later levels, that could really suck. One of the great things about laurels is that if you are a more casual leveler, you’ll have enough laurels by the time you ding 80 to pick up an accessory or two. Don’t make me wait until “endgame” to start building up laurels, please.