Guild Wars Wintersday

The Wintersday 2007 Contest offered one Guild Wars player the opportunity to make a significant and historic mark on the annual holiday celebration. Players were invited to get into the spirit of the season and create a piece of concept art for our traditional Wintersday giveaway: a splendid piece of holiday headgear.

This special seasonal hat is only available on the final day of the festival when Grenth, Lord of Death and Ice, and Dwayna, Goddess of Air and Life, vie for the support of the citizens of Tyria in the thrilling climax to their yearly contest. The winner of this heavenly battle rules the wintry weather in the coming months, and generously rewards his or her loyal supporters with gifts, including a brand new hat.

Players responded to the call for helm concepts with excellent ideas of all kinds. From literally hundreds of designs, the Guild Wars team selected six top winners and fifteen honorable mentions. All of the winners are listed below. You can find the rules for the contest and the list of prizes.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, and to who helped support the prize offerings. We will contact the winners after Wintersday to distribute the prizes. Everyone is invited to see the grand debut of the two new Wintersday helms—including the player-designed* Grenth helm—at 12:01 AM Pacific time (-8 GMT) on January 1, 2008, and every three hours throughout the day.

Happy Wintersday!