Guild Wars 2’s Living Story to ‘Grow in Scope and Grandeur’

Guild Wars 2 Living World Designer Leif Chappelle continues ArenaNet’s efforts to educate and sell the concept of gradually unfolding stories to the playerbase. Chapelle says that several storytelling tools are being employed, including open world activities, dungeons, crafting, and instanced episodes.
“What we’re creating is an actual chronology of the world,” Chappelle says. “The events of Flame and Frost will create repercussions throughout the world, bringing new tales and conflicts to light. Through the course of 2013, the concept of these Living World releases will grow in scope and grandeur as we move ahead and build up the groundwork to make this a key component of the developing and ever-changing world of Guild Wars 2.”

While the event is going on, players will have the option to go back in time and see earlier stages of the story, but this will be denied once the arc is complete. Chapelle says that the team has worked hard to make the UI more clear in regards to steering players to the right areas for the story.

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