Guild Wars 2: The Snare Skills of Freelancers

They wore scarlet tight clothes, and I thought they should be hunting robes. They were very sexy; of course, they had much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
The four freelancers had staff in hand, and I would be strange if I saw it before. But since we fought with Mace and other three freelancers, I knew that they could increase the attacking point with the staff, because the damage of snare was stationary.
The challenge started, they put the Thorns Snare and Fire Snare, and the four freelancers ran to the front of us to put the snares. The snare skill was easy to be interrupted, and even a simple physical attack could interrupt it.
But I knew they must have the blocking skill, so it was not easy to interrupt them.
But the block was useless to spell professions, the four freelancers could not move while they were putting the snares, and then Santana used the Fire Storm to attack them.
It was the Troll Unguent, it was the traditional skill of adding blood and Guild Wars 2 gold for himself of freelancer, it was good, but I did not think the skill could add enough blood.
The freelancers put the snares again, the snare was strange this time, blue spring blew out from the snare continuously, and it moistened the life of the freelancer.
It was the Healing Spring, its profession was freelancer, its type was field survivorship, its attribute was snare skill, it could last for ten seconds, and it could make all of the mates nearby get 15 to 51 point of life healing in every two seconds, this skill was easy to be interrupted when it started, and it consumed ten point of energy, the casting time was 2, the cooling time was 20.
It was a snare which could add blood by groups, so it increased the ability of field survivorship of the freelancers mostly, and then I thought they might have enough time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
It was different from other snare skills, the Healing Spring produced an effect just when it was put well, and it did not need a person to start it. This skill had the shortest lasting time among all of snare skills.
In some ways, this was not a snare, and it was a guarding. But the healing snare could not be destroyed or removed by skills and Guild Wars 2 gold, and the four freelancers were very strong when they were in the healing snare.