Guild Wars 2: The refuge for the injured ones

“I know, what is his name? I will help you to hit him badly.” I was very angry.

“No, don’t go to hit him, you only know hit other person, what do you know else? You could not resolve everything with your violence, you are stupid.” Zaria said to me, as if she was my mother, it would be better if she could buy Guild Wars 2 gold in Guild Wars 2.

“Helena needs warmness now, and she only wanted to forget the hurt.” I thought it was right that only a woman could understand a woman. Now I knew why they could be good friends, because Zaria was also abandoned by her boyfriend before, so they lack experience.

Oh my god, my house was the refuge for the injured women; maybe there would be more women in future, but if they could help me to get the cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, it was great.

“Well, don’t stand there, come in please.” Zaria said, as if she was the host of this house, and I was her tenant.

We had the dinner together, of course, Zaria cooked for us. When we were having the dinner, I wanted to ask Helena the thing about her and her boyfriend for many times, but if I did it, Zaria would be angry again, and maybe Helena would be sad, now she smiled, so I wanted her to smile.

Zaria said after the dinner: “We should think about an important question now, how should we sleep tonight?” Yes, what she said was right, there were only two rooms, but we had three persons.

“Dylan, I know you are a good man, so please go to sleep in the drawing room.” Zaria said to me with her sweet smile, I really wanted to buy one more room with the Guild Wars 2 gold.

“No, it is not good, I come here for the first time, and the host has to live in the drawing room, and I feel sorry.” Helena was really tender; she knew that I was the host in this house.

“What shall we do? Do you want me to live in the drawing room?” Zaria said.

“No, Zaria, if you don’t care, let’s live in your room together, ok?”

“Yes, you are good friends, so you should live together.” In fact, I had this idea early, but I dared not to say it out, since Helena said this now, I was happy.

“Yes, you are right, my bed is not small, and it is enough, Helena, let’s go.” Zaria said.

After they got into their room, I also came into my room, and then I got into the Guild Wars 2 quickly, because I did not have much Guild Wars 2 gold.