Guild Wars 2 Premium Tool Competition

If you are reading the articles on our website then chances are that you are probably interested in making some gold on the Guild Wars 2 trading post, which is brilliant as without you our website wouldn’t exist!
To aid in your day to day flipping, we have teamed up with the talented developers over at to offer our readers the opportunity to win some premium subscriptions to the brilliant gw2tp trading post tool. The premium service offers access to an amazing range of features which will allow you to quickly and efficiently find items and markets to make you millions* of gold in Guild Wars 2. These include:-
Advanced Search options. Bend the trading post to your will with access to a huge range of search parameters which allows you to sort items by flip profit, sell count, percentage return and a whole lot more!
Unlimited Item lists. Create personal flipping lists full of items and markets to help identify profitable markets and keep a close eye on those price changes.
Flip Profit & Percentage (%) Return on all item tables. Seriously, the premium subscription is worth it just for this feature. The ability to sort all items by it’s return AND percentage will enable you to effectively find profitable markets in seconds.
Transactions. This is brilliant, If you have attempted to use the “My Transactions” function on the Trading Post then you will probably know just how terrible it actually is. Trying to remember how much you paid for that sword last week after buying thousands of other items? Good luck slowly clicking through hundreds of pages!
Saved Searches. Search one and save it forever. No more need to re-enter all of your search parameters each time for a particular search.
The Competition
It’s very easy to enter our competition, all that is required from you is one gold making tip (optional) and a valid, working email address which will be used as your login username at! There are three opportunities to win, with the three month subscription going to the entrant with the best gold making tip and two one month subscriptions being randomly awarded to everyone else who has entered!
How to Enter:
Share a gold making tip with the community by commenting on this article, be sure to enter your email address into the proper comments section, don’t worry we wont use it for anything else!
Alternatively, follow us on twitter and send a tweet to @lions_profit with your gold making tip. Please also include either a #gw2 or #guildwars2 hashtag!