Guild wars 2 media reported the closed beta (PVE game mechanism

This will lead to see the players, is previously take part in the Guild Wars 2 (Guild Wars 2) “PVE part of the test experience to share. ArenaNet team in the last interview revealed that hope by the game mechanism to establish good community, let each player enjoy belong to his own unique balance of the plot, and willing to play with other players. And this project reports that it wanted to share the guild wars 2 “players with those of traditional MMORPG differences, led the players to see the guild wars 2″ design is how to promote the interaction between the players, let whole game process full of mutual assistance and cooperation!

This project will be divided into PVE reports with PVP two articles, first published in today for the game of PVE experience, the following the author will share the actual operation of the game system feel and experience sharing.

Create unique characters

Figure from creation began, the guild wars 2 “will show a unique style, the ink painting style plus administrative levels feeling let race menu ascension many visual effect. In order to facilitate rapid established players role model, size, and facial features in place, there are many modelling bag can apply directly, and want to adjust to the parts of the special can use to dozens of braces, even can customize the color of the equipment.

Each piece of equipment have three kinds of color layer, here the player can free collocation with like the color. But more unfortunately, not through the palette color to choose from, but the overall freedom is high, also not too complicated to understand.

It is worth noting that, the role of ID length limitation in 19 English letters, also can input blank. Although at present can’t take Chinese ID, but in the game can play Chinese font.