Guild Wars 2: Good Situation for Us

I was recalling in my head, and the eight skills appeared: 1 Turning; 2 Illnesses Tactics; 3 Disciplinary Mantra; 4 Healing of Depravation; 5 Believer Fire; 6 Nimbus of Balthazar; 7 Buff Distilling; 8 Resurrecting.
Polly said that a good monk should not only add blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, and he should still think about getting rid of negative skill and conditions. Though the disciplinary monks were the monks who killed persons mainly, but they were monk in the last analysis, so they should be in accord with Polly’s words.
The Illnesses Tactics and the Disciplinary were in accord with these two standards.
They used the Believer Fire and the Nimbus of Balthazar to hit us. I had to acknowledge that this was a good suit of skills. The four people used these skills together, and they cooperated with each other well, no matter how dangerous they were, they even had time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, so this suit was so perfect.
Even if the buff skill was peeled off, the ability was still strong. They could finish attack and defense at the same time, it was not easy, and many other professions and skills could not do this. Such as the warrior and assassin only liked attacking, and they did not have strong ability of self-protecting.
Though I admired them, but the battle was going on, the cooling time of the Believer Fire and Nimbus of Balthazar was over, and the disciplinary monks used the buff skills again, of course, we got rid of them.
The Buff Distilling could add blue and Guild Wars 2 gold for them, but it did not mean that they could have endless blue, if we fought with them for longer time, they could not resist, so they turned back suddenly, and it seemed that they wanted to run away.
It was not so easy to run away for them, Winnie used the Onrush, and she ran very fast as a tiger. When she was closed to the four monks, her anger broke out, and she used the Earth Trample again, the four disciplinary monks fell to the ground tidily. They were so unlucky, because the position where they fell was the ice surface.
If people stopped on the ice surface, they would be reduced speed, and this condition did not belong to negative one or symptom, the only method was waiting for its disappearance. Of course, Winnie was also reduced speed, but she was the attacker, so she was not afraid, but the four disciplinary monks were very painful, they could not use their skill or Guild Wars 2 gold.