Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost: The Razing Launches

ArenaNet has announced a major update to Guild Wars 2 which focuses on World vs World, as well as plenty of PvE updates. The new content is called “The Razing”, featuring new quest lines as well as the much anticipated improvements to the World vs World system.
Elimination of culling: This update does away with culling, the process by which some enemy players become invisible in large groups. Now, more characters will be visible on screen in WvW, even in the largest pitched battles.
Improved WvW performance: The new WvW progression system includes new World XP and new WvW Ranks. Players can use their WvW Ranks to purchase new titles and abilities exclusive to WvW, and take advantage of new WvW achievements that help track and plan their progress.
New guild bounty targets: Three new bounty hunt targets are on the run in Tyria, and they’re more elusive and menacing than ever. Players can work with their guilds to bring these fugitives to justice, earning new rewards and other system improvements.
New guild mission types: Smaller or more casual guilds can participate in new bounty hunt training sessions to hone their skills for bigger challenges, while still accessing and unlocking guild content.