Guild Wars 2: Find the Sentry of the Guild

While they were running away, Sparta thought that now he could not deal with the plant, but after he was in a higher level, he would kill it, and then he would get all of equipments of the plant monster, maybe he could call the monster to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for him then.
The shrine of Spear of Sun was a conspicuous place, which stood on the plane, so Sparta found it easily. This was a small castle which was built with stones, and many guards of Spear of Sun were protecting outside of the castle, it looked very strict.
There were already many persons in the shrine.
When Sparta got into the shrine, they were surrounding a non-player-controlled character to have a talking, the name of the non-player-controlled character was Landau, and he was the secretary of the Spear of Sun.
Sparta did not know what they were talking about, maybe the non-player-controlled character was giving the cheap Guild Wars 2 gold and equipments to other people, so he went to listen to their talking, but after he talked with Landau, he was very disappointed.
“New member, do you want to upgrade quickly? Do you want to have higher status in Spear of Sun?” Landau asked Sparta.
It was really a suggestive question.
“Yes, of course!” Everyone wanted it, and a person who did not want it did not need to play this game.
“Well, when you get into the wild area every time, go to the place of sentry to check in, and then you will get double experience and much Guild Wars 2 gold, you can also have some prestige value.”
“Where is the place of sentry?” Sparta asked, and he did not remember that he saw a sentry just now.
“They are near the altar of resurrection, after you walk out of the gate, and then you will see them.”
“Well, it is great, but what is the prestige value?”
“Do you want to upgrade your military rank in Spear of Sun? The prestige value is the voucher of the official rank.” Landau said, and he pointed to himself at the same time, as if he wanted to say: “My military title is majestic.”
Sparta walked out of the gate, and then he really saw a sentry of Spear of Sun, after he talked with the sentry, he had one more buff skill and some Guild Wars 2 gold, and it was the Killing Insect, each insect he killed, and then he would get double experience and one point of prestige of the guild.