Guild Wars 2 does fairly well especially for new comers

First of all let me say and this is my honest opinion and a fact to boot that Guild Wars 2 looks fantastic and a bit on the cartooned side which is a plus to those who like very in depth art and a great promise for constant rising potential. The sound is divine and is accompanied by a great assortment of skills, a fair community and a well put together PVP and PVE experience. Unlike the kill this come back and kills some more mentality such as games in the past like World of Warcraft and Supreme Destiny thrive on. This game allows flexibility with quests that can be much more in depth then your casual RPG.

So your probably wondering what is with the lower score? Well this game does have its downsides such as a level 20 player cap which is very easy to obtain in about a week or two and for me about 1 to 2 days since I know my way around the map. Farming and grinding is implemented in this mmorpg as in every mmorpg but at least Guild Wars 2 powerleveling does it fairly well especially for new comers. Guild Wars is also a fantastic game for those who play a large variety of different mmorpgs as Guild Wars doesn’t tend to absorb all your concentration and time just to make it to that well deserved level up. Again this is where World of Warcraft fails to achieve anything remotely close to a real experience.

Several great aspects in this MMORPG especially include the large array of NPC henchman that you can take to battle, but do not expect them to be almighty as their AI is no better then that of an SCV in star craft. If you have a high-end computer you can experience Guild Wars at all of its glory at over 6x AA and over 8x AF. Now another terrible downside that plagues Guild Wars is the linear objectives that suppress the entertainment when you first begin your exploration in the land of GW. Linear to put it simply is Guild Wars motive but once you reach a certain level and have explored enough you will notice getting around and free roaming becomes less transparent and the real fun begins.