Guild Wars 2: A Monster in the Lost Tower

“It is too terrible, what shall we do?”

“There is only one way, it is killing him, we must kill him with our cheap Guild Wars 2 gold and skills before he goes to kill other people.” The monster told us the choosing, though all of us did not want to accept it, because he was still the friend of the ice empress.

“But you must kill me first, and then you should go over my dead body, you will go to the seventh floor.”

“What about you?” I thought he should be our friend just now, but he still wanted to fight with us, I felt strange.

“I am also spoiled by the hostility, don’t you know?” It seemed that he was very painful, as if he said to us: “Kill me quickly, and then I will free myself.”

“Yes, I know, I promise you.” The ice empress said.

But this skill was useless to the monster, because he was a monster of elementalist, one Fireball only made him to lose one hundred and fifty points of blood; he even could buy Guild Wars 2 gold.

It was the Flow Flame, and its profession was elementalist, its type was fire magic,

It could hurt enemy with seven to ninety-one points hurt of fire, if the enemy was attacking or using the skill, then the enemy nearby would also be hurt, and it consumed ten points of energy, the casting time was one, the cooling time was fifteen.

It was a fire magic of big area again, it was lucky that we separated in time, so nobody was hurt. After a while, we came into the enchantment. But the monster was too powerful, so we still lost much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold.

It was the element defense enchantment, and its profession was elementalist.

It would last for eight to eighteen seconds, and it consumed fifteen points of energy, the casting time was one, the cooling time was twenty.

Another enchantment opened, and the monster wanted to destroy it with his staff and his Guild Wars 2 gold.

He used another skill to burn us with the fire, and then some huge fire balls fell off, and they were bigger and bigger.

“Be careful!” As if the monster still cared us, so he said to us, though he could not control his body, but he still called us to escape quickly.

We got an important message from the monster; I thought there should be other monster as him on the seventh floor and the eighth floor.

Finally he was killed by us.