Guild War2’s PvP game types

“The guild wars 2, PvP map all significant different changes to a call to capture (Conquest) the game the way for characteristics. In the form of occupation, team for a certain number of occupy point (capture points) fight. Keep a occupy point and hit enemies can improve your team score. First of all to the upper limit to score-or in the game time used up with the highest scores, the team will win the game.

Control point (control points) is the key area on the map. When they stand in the near can take them. A stronghold before the occupied must have it neutral, and only when it around is no enemy can take. The more Allies stand in a stronghold and let it neutral or takes its speed is more quickly. Let a control point not only to be able to stop the other team neutral from this point gain points but also is easy to do. But if there is an enemy standing in near domination, you must keep him away or kill him to continue your occupation.

Now you know how the operation of the occupation, you may want to know how we make it interesting. We through the creation of some secondary goal (secondary objective) to make the game mode diversification. These can be the ripped-rock machine, repair kit can be damaged and the environment, as in carol war (Battle of Kyhlo) map like that. For instance in the other a map, these secondary goal can be in the form of passing overhead to the dragon, blew up part of the map and the battle is the player kill, and so on.

The secondary objective that we create a kind of whatever you play which picture can all understand basic target environment, but they also let us each map of unique details according to create a completely different high level tactics.