Guild war 2—Won’t be brush equipment game

“The trading system should be united players. It can let those able to spend a lot of time in the game players to catch up with those hard for game players. We have two big idea, one is” guild wars 2 “won’t be brush equipment game, it won’t be on the strength of the game by equipment. Two is the equivalent time and money. If I had time, so don’t spend money to get what he wants. But if I don’t have time, would like to have that thing, so that I can in the trading system money to buy in.”

O ‘Brien also acknowledged that the players will need more persuasive. “We know that players will now have a lot of doubt. Really game in this isn’t good enough. But we will maintain a high standard, we passed through many test, the BETA test team for the core, they is to make sure that we maintain a high level of supervisors.”


But everything has risk. ArenaNet needs to convince players believe in the game to make the game will spend money better. Although it is not clear what exactly have sell, also don’t know the system for the impact of the game, but O Brien ‘myself to players to talk about the risk of it, it can be seen they care about the idea of players.

“Our entire company came in the guild wars 2″, so we must and players keep communication, ensure we provide content rich value. If people value our achievements, they will pay for our efforts.”