Guild war 2—Buying out the pay is a double-edged sword

O Brien ‘first said: “to be honest, this is because MMO production very expensive, and high risk. Back in 2005, we think it’s a very real MMO, that players will only pay for one of the players in the monthly payment. A game, is not at the same time to support one.”

But didn’t also may believe that players will only choose a game, ‘O Brien continue to explain: “we are all players, not people don’t like the new game. There are new games come out, a lot of people will be excited ditching old game, to enjoy new experience.”

But to make the decision to refuse to pay on system is not easy. “Guild wars we were under a lot of risk. We were still young company, we want to try different business model. Out a field, can say to all the others in insisting that month pay mode, and we depend on their business model is successful for five years.”

“You know that don’t last long, many successful MMO and no month pay expenses, which is totally capital type. Free mode or extra micro trading systems, are all the same. Now everyone in the cast this trend, MMO business model and more diverse. For a player is a good thing.”

However diverse type itself is a double-edged sword. MMO is commercial, pay for the purpose of the profit pattern is. When O Brien ‘in not long ago announced the guild wars 2 “of the trading system, he is very careful emphasize ArenaNet will continue to demand for players’ shoes. When someone says to the trading system will pay and pay players into two groups, he said against.