Guild for Fast Power Leveling of Diablo 3 Monk

Are you playing as a the Monk in Diablo 3 and you want to learn the exact way to power level your character to level 60 at lightning speeds? Well, if you are looking for a viable guide to show you how to reach level 60 the quickest way possible, you have come to the right place. Exploit Strengths and Weaknesses For Power Leveling In order to begin power level your Monk in Diablo 3, you must understand your characters weaknesses and strengths. Only when you understand their attributes will you be able to use them to your advantage for power leveling.

With that said, it is important to note that the Monk is rather weak in terms of DPS, but has very strong and effective abilities for survivability on the battlefield and support. So, to power level your Monk the fastest way possible, it is better to party up with a friend rather than going about leveling solo.In fact, it is actually recommended to do with a Barbarian for power leveling. The reason for this is because while the Monk has decent AoE damage and wicked debuffs to use on difficult mobs or bosses, it lacks single-target DPS.

Besides, Power Leveling With The Proper Equipment. Now that you know how to exploit your Monks weakness for power leveling, it is time to know what type of gear you should equip to further cut down the time it takes to reach level 60.What’s more, Power Level With The Optimal Questing Route Even if you have all the proper equipment, leveling build and know how to properly use the Monk for power level, all of these things would be useless if you do not know the optimal questing route.Completing quests and unlocking their rewards are the absolute best ways to gain experience points quickly in Diablo 3 powerleveling.