Giving Help to the White Mantle in Guild Wars

So it seemed, I knew why there was no the wraith on the bridge now, they went to fight with the White Mantle Guild, what should we do? Shall we go to help the White Mantle Guild with our skills and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold? Because they were our allies now, but if we went to help them, we would be in danger, there were too many wraiths.
Maybe we could sit here to see result of the war, but it was not a good method, because there were more wraiths than the members of the White Mantle Guild, even if we joined the group of the White Mantle Guild, the wraiths were still dominant.
If we let it go on, the wraiths would get the win finally. I saw two necromancer knights in the group of the enemies, they were treacherous, they were waiting for the death of the soldiers of the White Mantle Guild, and then they could summon the bone demon with their skills and the Guild Wars 2 gold.
No, we must help the White Mantle Guild, and we should stop the necromancer knight to summon the bone demon at least. A leader of the White Mantle Guild saw us at this moment, and he shouted to us: “You are warriors of Ascalon, please help us, only you defeat these wraiths, the gate of border will open!”
What he said was right, but I still hated the chairman of the White Mantle. I knew they extorted us.
We had no other way, after we went to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, and then we went to help them. I saw a skeleton Mesmer, and I knew he could use the two strong skills, so I thought we should kill him first.
It was the Fire Shackles, after three seconds, he was attacked by the fire.
It was the Hex Excitation, its profession was Mesmer, it diverted a negative skill of mate to the user, and the user could get four to nine point of energy, it consumed five point of energy, the casting time was 1, and it had no cooling time.
A Mesmer had a skill of getting rid of the negative skill, and he could get full energy at the same time, he could also learn the skill of the enemy in twenty seconds. Of course, the Fire Shackles the skeleton Mesmer learned was not powerful, because he did not add the Guild Wars 2 gold on the fire magic. But it was still a bad thing that he got a good negative skill of us.