Giving Helena a Comfort in Guild Wars 2

“I dare not to think about getting married again, it is a broken dream.” Helena said sadly, oh my god, I was really stupid, and I did not know how to comfort her, now she was sadder because of my words, it seemed that I could not atone for her, even if I gave her my cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Our classmates really admired me at that time, because I found a good husband who had much money and cared me very much. But nobody knew that he was just a fraud then. Now I could not face my classmates, so I really don’t want to be alive!”
Helena was impetuous now, if I did not stop her, maybe she would really go to die.
“Don’t say that, now you still have me.” I said to her, and I became very tender, now I really wanted to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for her, as long as she would be happy.
“Yes, you are still with me together, and only you know me well, now you could give me the comfort.” Helena said quietly, “Dylan, why did you like me before? Did you like my beauty or literary grace?”
She said to me so kindly, and I was very happy, after a while, I answered her: “I liked both of them, but I liked your literary grace more.”
“Well, do you still like me now?” She asked me suddenly, and I felt very embarrassed.
Helena saw that I did not answer her quickly, so she was sad again, and then she said: “Now I am a simple woman, and I don’t have the literary grace again, so you could not like me.”
“No, we are human beings, so all of us are simple people.” I wanted to get the Guild Wars 2 gold in Guild Wars 2 now.
“Your interview is not so bright, is it right?” I remembered it suddenly, and I thought it was the key.
She did not answer me directly, but she nodded, after a while, she added: “My life is really too failed.”
“Don’t give up, everything will be better. When I just graduated from the university, I also did not have a suit job, so I was fired at last, and I began to sire a novel at home, I was found by a boss not long ago, so I have my job now.” I smiled, and I thought that I should thank my boss; maybe I could help him to get much Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Is that true? I think you are successful all the time.”