Ghosts of Ascalon: The First Guild Wars Novel

IncGamers just posted an interview with some of the key designers of Guild Wars 2 that offers some further insight into the races, lore, and gameplay. What will PvP be like in the new game? How long does an asura live? Why can’t all the charr legions just get along? Find answers to these questions and more。

Last week at the Game Developers Conference, our Senior Art Director Daniel Dociu sat down with the folks at to discuss the incredible art of Guild Wars 2—check out! Daniel was once again a featured panelist at GDC, where he showcased some amazing concept art. Ever wonder what a charr baby looks like? Find out in the first of four videos covering Daniel’s GDC presentation

We’ve just posted the second in a series of four videos of Senior Art Director Daniel Dociu’s presentation at GDC this year. Take a look at some never-before-seen Guild Wars 2 concept artWe’ve posted a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the voice acting behind Guild Wars 2, featuring top-tier talents like Felicia Day and Steve Blum! Check it out on