Fighting with the Combination in Guild Wars 2

In fact, I used this skill in the game before, the several seconds were important, I could run away during the seconds, but it could not last for long. Even a person had forty point of full blue and much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, he also could not open the stance for many times, because he would lose all of his blue soon, maybe he had to use other skills with energy.
After we knew this, Winnie attacked the enemy heavily, and she wanted the necromancer to lose all of his blue.
It seemed that the necromancer would lose all of his blue soon, but he did not hurry, we did not know whether other persons could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for him, and he sang an elite mantra quickly.
It was the Oblation of Blood, and he wanted to change blood for blue. After he read this, he had blue, but he lost much blood, and I felt that he wanted to kill himself.
The warrior rushed into our team at this moment, and we were disturbed. He attacked us heavily. The freelancer behind them poisoned the arrow early, and he made each of us to lose four point of life.
I did not know who should be killed first, all of the four persons of the enemies were useful, and each of them was powerful. So we should know that who was easy to kill.
After a while, we decided to kill the necromancer first.
Because the enemies did not have a monk, so the necromancer sustained his life on bleeding, he lost much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold because of our attack soon. We should attack him quickly, and I thought after we used the great skills, he would die soon.
But when the ice empress and Santana used their skills, we found that the speed of reading mantra was slow, but they did not lose blood or the Guild Wars 2 gold. We did not know what happened, did they suffer the dizziness? It seemed that the four enemies did not take any skill of dizziness. We looked at our own status bar, and then we found that there was a purple negative skill.
It was the Arcane Burden, its profession was Mesmer, its type was illusion, and its attribute was negative spell, it could prolong the casting time of skills of the goal and mates nearby, and the function would last for five to thirteen seconds, it consumed ten point of energy, the casting time was two, the cooling time was 20.