FIFA 20 Team Maintenance

U4GM Teams suggest that having a strong squad of around 20 players is essential. Not only will this keep your squad fresh and fighting fit it will also allow you to have a play around with different starting 11’s and keep the game enjoyable. If you played with the same 11, every game then you’d pick up injuries; have to spend lots of your coins buying fitness cards. By resting a player or rotating your squad you won’t have to spend money on fitness boosting cards which, leaves you more to spend on the players you are chasing in the market. Of course, if you’ve settled on a starting 11 that is working for you and you’re winning most of your games then stick with that. Even more so if you’re not worried or struggling for FIFA 20 coins.

FIFA 20 Team Maintenance

This is extremely crucial for FIFA 20. With EA introducing the squad building challenge mode within FUT 19 you can now use players that you may have just discarded, in previous years to complete various challenges. In return, you’ll get a mixture of the coin, pack and even special player cards as rewards. Obviously, the more you give up for these challenges, the better the reward will be.
Please be aware, however, that once you’ve used these players in your squad building challenge, they will be taken from your club so use the weaker, less valuable players in your club were possible to do these challenges.

Players use one contract point for every game they appear in, even if it’s just from the bench for the last 5 minutes so try not to make any late changes during the game if you can.

If a player’s contract expires, don’t worry, you’ll still keep him in your club. However, you’ll just need to obtain a contract card to use him in a match again. Contract cards can be picked up in packs (because they are given out more often than players!) or from the auction house and usually, you can get lengthy contracts for a small amount of money. Try to have a bank of 3 or 4 contract cards at all times at least so you can quickly use them if needed. Give players who you know you’re not going to sell, lengthy contracts and that is one less hassle to worry about. Also, with contract cards look to buy them during promo packs (which occur regularly so EA can make more money). More people will be buying packs which mean there will be less people searching the auction house and MORE contracts being a quick list so you can pick them up for cheaper and save yourself some valuable FIFA 20 coins.

Finally, you can boost an individual player’s shooting, or heading, or another area, with specific cards. These can be crucial if you’re in a final of an online tournament. Recently we won a 15,000 FIFA 20 coins tournament and a jumbo pack in which we used 5 different attribute boosting cards for the final game. Most of the teams you’ll come up against will use these cards in the final. If you get them in packs (which should be the only place you have obtained them from) don’t quick sell them, keep them in your consumables pile in case you need to use them in a final for example. It may be frowned upon but if you are losing out on 15,000 coins and the opportunity to pack loads of cool items because you didn’t want to use an attribute card then more fool you!

Buy more than 1 manager for your club (rare/shiny ones)
You may think, why is FIFA Expert telling us to do this? Here is why. If you buy lots of gold shiny card managers (the most well-known ones) then each time you add them to your club that will add 3% to any contract card you apply. On FIFA 18 we had several managers in all the gold, silver and bronze categories so, every time we applied a contract card to one of our players the value of that card had a 50% boost so when we were buying contract cards worth 28 games we were getting 42 games instead of the 28. It will save you more coins to invest in players especially if you are the sort of player who will be playing 100’s of games on FUT.