FFXIV:Tank – sword fighter

Sword fighter as early FF14 professional one of the Tank, the other is axe the warlock. Less HP attribute is high, the growth of high technology with special high magic armor, deputy shields, and increase the skills of hatred, decrease injury skills is the characteristics of sword warlock, of course, these are standard Tank to characteristics. Talk about sword warlock, prime minister, start with a big selling point FF14, that is. Good, because the armor are real performance in appearance, but the residual is early equipment are not good, so if it is female sword warlock please don’t show the head gear, and male sword warlock, please show the head gear, because male sword warlock stupid ugly point can snap aggro is more. In addition, the sword warlocks actually not the sword in his hand, and the length should only be called dagger. But to qualify as a sword the paladin is in the early can only bear it. The second point about this code, the Tank will have to talk about hatred sword warlock snap aggro ability is a commonly used even with effect, this ability needs to fit the level of initial skills fast attack, namely use fast attack first, and then use two skills to connect with the effect of increasing hatred and damage, otherwise only the skills of initial damage; Another link-up skills and initial effect is to increase the additional skills damage and restore the MP. Along with the grade you will acquire a group increased hatred skills Flash, effect is to increase the enemy’s hatred around itself, it is worth mentioning that Flash skills are drains MP, now that you know before the recovery MP even get skills what is of use. After you will acquire the snap aggro ability is a flying skills, flung out shield hate as the name implies, remote, is often used to blame. Level 22 you will acquire a similar skills, but increase the hatred without damage, 40 s CD, and the effect is not very good. No group damage skills is a bit confusing. Here would like to remind you the player (T and DPS should note), FF14 present feeling without immediately blame the target of changing skills, and even the superposition of Tank hatred is not fast, Tank, as a result of DPS sometimes too strong to pull don’t come back, so it’s to DPS the Tank target to output current as far as possible, don’t choose Tank outside the current target. Here to put forward some opinions, interrupt skills about warlock one sword, shield bash. Down the target 3 s, 2 s and 1 s, diminishing, (refresh after a certain period of time?) , unexpectedly is a GCD skills, a high consumption of TP had the GCD. It’s hurt, often play fireball just press the skills, fireball directly read the article to blow itself up, while looking at skills CD in that circle fierce keys, very not easy before the explosive finish read the article before using skills and shake, living blow itself up in front of you, that call a helpless. So I think interrupt skills should be set to the GCD is good. Because rains this week when open clothing or power network, very not easy online and accomplishing off take notice, chaos without cut to figure a bit sorry. But sword warlock skills there is no need to explain, even with the only effect is likely to be other DPS career didn’t already mentioned above, so to look behind me to write the snap aggro early lessons should be no problem.

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